President’s Corner 2018

Dear Members,

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a safe and   happy holiday season and I wish each of you the very best of everything in 2018. Last year ended with some delightful events such as celebration of Independence Day & Kannada Rajyostava with featuring Majaa Talkies showcased in Melbourne with a full house of nearly 800 audiences.

My thanks goes to everyone involved in making the celebrations of beautiful events including great support from our sponsors. We honoured Jayanth Kaikini who is a  poet and a lyricist.  He shared fantastic reflection of many exciting, inspiriting and enjoyable experience from which all the members benefitted.

New year started with celebration of Makara Sankranthi festival on 14 January 2018 along with admiring   Harry Boniface Prabhu an Indian quadriplegic wheelchair tennis player. Who has shared his life challenging experiences in sporting career.  Prabhu’s speech touched our hearts as it  was such an inspiration  that  made us to reflect the importance of hard work to fulfil our dreams. Sunil Koshy, founder of ‘From Mug to Mike has entertained us with melodious songs and lastly exchange of  Ellu Bella and served with scrumptious Pongal.

A huge thanks to all the work accomplished by the committee members for scheduling and organising events, and presenting  great ideas. Big thanks also goes to Sateesh Savanur for running    the Kannada library  on first and third Sunday of every month without a miss. I would like to appreciate  the amazing work done with professionalism that  has impressed the entire members immensely.

Special thanks to  Narendra Surya and   Guru Prasad for  conducting Kannada classes on every Saturday. Which is well acknowledged by our members about their diligence, self-motivation  and  dedication.

I  think I have already mentioned I am still constantly thinking of many of the things I would like to do as president. I always want Melbourne Kannada Sangha  to be an enjoyable, open, place for people to meet and share their experiences. That will always be pretty much top priority. In addition to that, here are several things that come quickly to mind:

  1. Enhance & Enrich our Melbourne Kannada Sangha
  2. Promote and encourage new membership
  3. Continued expression of gratitude to supporters/sponsors & volunteers
  4. Elevate our connection to National & International
  5. Follow meeting delivery protocols and have regular meetings
  6. Continue to work as a group to plan numerous cultural events
  7. Raise Fund for proposed Kannada Bhavana
  8. Extend library services to other parts of Melbourne
  9. Promote & encourage Kannada Class in other parts of Melbourne


I look forward to seeing and listening to all of the great things we can do together. I hope I meet everyone’s expectations.


Thank you

Chandra Bangalore